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232. TEN words.

1. Pain
2. Gain
3. Winning
4. Cockfighting
5. War
6. Revenge
7. Hatred
8. Rage
9. Children
10. Cheerleading

Muse | Sue Sylvester
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210. TEN things you are thankful for this year.
210. TEN things you are thankful for this year.

1. The return of Corporal Punishment (I'm still working on it).
2. Swing Music
3. European Dry Cleaners
4. The consistent response of people to blackmail.
5. Size 0 cheerleading uniforms fitting the cheerios. They look better when they're twig like, as long as their caves have some muscle it all works out.
6. My spot on the local news.
7. Sports Center Coverage.
8. Google Earth, to find my enemies at all times.
9. Large Trophies and the press that I alone am responsible for bringing to my place of work. Without me McKinley High School would be nothing.
10. The ultimate demise of Glee Club; There's no way that band of freaks will win Regional's. The cheerios will be back on top.

Muse | Sue Sylvester
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Ten things about Sue Sylvester
Ten things about Sue

1. I am a winner, usually in the spotlight. It's a hard place to be there are many people who would like to see me fail but I'll tell you this, there is nothing I won't do to win.

2. I am the Coach of the McKinley High Cheerio's. They are cheerleaders, performers and they've won national's for years, under my care. My Cheerio's are loyal, hardworking and sometimes really crappy at what they do. I keep a whip around for that.

3. I am unmarried, by choice, emotions make you weak. Men tend to cry around me and that's just not attractive.

4. I've recently expanded my horizon's and taken on a TV gig. It's Local but I've gotten a lot of positive response. And negative response but those Nay-sayers just need a little time to understand how Sue C's It.

5. I will end Glee Club.

6. My head Cheerio is pregnant. I'm still considering the punishment. I'll probably have to drive her to get rid of it. Won't be the first time I've taken a teenager to family planning. Can't have a fat girl on top of the pyramid.

7. I used to be a VJ and have excellent musical tastes, so I know that Will Schuster is the worst possible person to run the Glee club.

8. My light shines so bright that most people can't handle it they put me down and try to destroy me but I always come out on top. You see, I have a real understanding of human nature, especially of children. You win through fear.

9. There is something comforting about making a child cry.

10. I'm probably the most important person in all of Lima, Ohio. It's truly refreshing to be so famous, well-liked and popular.

Muse | Sue Sylvester
Fandom | Glee


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